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2 biggest blocks that keep us from our Psychic Abilities and DISCERNMENT Exercises Feedback needed!

My book is due for the first round of edits tomorrow and I want to make sure that the exercises that I am putting in the book work for people who are new and for people who are not super visual the way I am.  I have read books before that are written by someone who has different abilities as me.  For instance they are a feeler so everything is written based on someone being able to FEEL so I have a hard time with the exercises.   I realize I can't write about something that I do not know but I am hoping that these are simple enough for ANYONE to imagine even if they are the MOST Unimaginative person on the planet!  (BTW - to all the people who say they can't see : most people who can SEE energy and spirit will start out saying they CAN NOT! The primary reason for not being able to see is that they ALREADY DO SEE more than the average person and are expecting it to be MORE than it really is.   IMAGINATION = SEEING SPIRIT AND ENERGY it's as simple as that and once we can be…

Let's your GRIPES be YOUR CURE and WITNESS your Triggers to clear the way to your Higher Self and all of the Spiritual Gifts you were born with!

I have never watched my own videos, I refuse to listen to myself channel unless it's a meditation, and today I was told to start watching myself so that I can LEARN to "present myself" for the upcoming filming we are doing.  So..... I watched this and was practically screaming at my lap top "MARISA PUT the STICK down!!!! like... NOW!!!...  PLEASE????" but no I twirled it and flipped it around the WHOLE time!  This watching myself on camera thing is TOUGH.... I am REALLY REALLY annoying! hahaha!

HOWEVER THAT being said.... the lesson I am teaching in here is SO SO SO SO SO IMPORTANT that I am making it one of the first lessons in my book.  LIFE IS A MIRROR we ONLY see in others what we ARE and what we would do.  How could we see anything else.  If we don't know what being possessive feels like and have never been possessive how are we supposed to see it in others?
But if we are a possessive person we may see our girlfriends man asking her to stay home inste…

Should I leave my job to find my purpose? Should I leave my spouse to find my soul mate?

Everyday I have at least one person ask me if they should leave a relationship to find their soul mate or twin flame and everyday I have someone ask if they should leave their job to get a new job that fits the "Purpose".... 
Here is the guides answer : 
Do not get PURPOSE confused with JOB and do not get FINDING YOURSELF confused with finding the PERFECT MATE.  
If you find that you are itching to DO MORE, it's likely that you are in the right job but there are people that can be ministered to, seeds planeted, your passion for spirit and self discovery shared with a client,  or customer, or co worker!  If you find yourself thinking that your spouse or significant other is LACKING a list of qualities ask yourself first where you are lacking those qualities for self.  Example : They don't pay enough attention to me.   Ask yourself : Do you pay enough attention to you or are they treating you the way you have trained them to treat you??
Remember we train our friends and fam…

4 Stages of Spiritual Development

The 4 Levels of Spiritual Development as taught by my guides 
My first spiritual teacher was a man who had been trained in Mediumship almost his entire life.He was a misfit in his younger years, highly abused traumatized child of an alcoholic before that, but had a very kind heart and desire to teach however his need to for love was defeating to everything he worked so hard for and unfortunately no longer teaches but one thing I learned from him has ALWAYS stuck with me.  He would talk about the steps of spiritual development and advised to make sure to always be moving through them and never stop.  Ironically that is what happened to him.  But in honor for his cool teaching here it is.  1.)Searching for truth and a tiny bit is found 2.)EVERYTHING IS SPIRIT! 3.)I KNOW ALL so I must teach! 4.)Realization that we do not know all with the humility to start all over at stage one so that we can continue learning.

As I was typing this my guides came in and added to it so I will leave BOTH ver…

what are zero self attunements

What we would like to bring to you is nothing but inspiration and hope for a better YOU and therefore a tomorrow that you look forward to from a soul level as well as from a physical level.

What are Zero Self Attunements With Marisa MorisZeroIt is time for us to as consciousness living as humans to begin to understand what the ancients understood.It is time for us to set logic and reason aside and begin to educate ourselves on the things that can not be seen, or tasted, or touched.It is time to go beyond into a place where we are all connected where a thought about someone 10,000 miles away can effect them just as much as if they are standing next to you.Scientists today have proven that we here on earth and all over the universe for that matter are connected.They have proven that matter once connected is always connected and that if a photon that was once connected to another is spun a certain way the other half way across the continent will do the same.What does this mean?This means …