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The Doll House Quantum Clearing Technique

Does your house make you lazy? Do you crave greasy, creamy, cheesy, sugary foods as soon as you get home when you eat like a health nut all day at work? Do you get grumpy when you get home? Do you feel a heaviness as you pull up to your garage? It may not be your nagging other half or your overly active children jumping on the couches, it may be the energy in or under your home! In fact the energy (energy = floating unclaimed emotions) in the home may be the REASON your other half is so gosh darn naggy and psycho these days and your kids act like they are from another planet sometimes!
In my experience energy build up in homes comes from negative thoughts (most that were never even spoken out loud), family arguments, or stress brought home from the work place. Your house and even your furniture absorb and record everything happening in your surroundings and they do not know to release these energetic “recor…

The biggest epiphany in 5 years!

So this post started out me.... then the guides took over somewhere haha! I realized that when I said "and I bid you adieu" at the end... silly guides they just love to take the stage when they have the opportunity... it's all good better them than me anyway! haha!

I really like how the guides have been explaining the levels of consciousness through the chakras... it totally matches the teachings they gave us on soul levels but applying the chakras to it is SO much more relatable now!

I don't read so I am probably realizing things a ton of you already know but it's my mission to figure this all out on my own through the channeling of my higher self and guides....I don't ever want to feel that anything I am channeling is coming from some thing I read not because I don't respect others work and not because I need to discover anything new but because I am SO skeptical of the stuff I am learning that it's more believable to me if something I COULD HAVE…