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The Snow Globe Exercise - The Way Marisa does it each day upon waking and before bed!

The Snow Globe Exercise (The way Marisa does it!) (excerpt from the snow globe by Marisa and Joe Moris : Available on NOW!) 
The snow globe is meant to be an intuitive exercise for those who are or are not intuitive and it is also meant to be a tool for intuitive adults and children to take their skills and abilities to a new, quantum level of understanding.
The Snow Globe has been the most proven tool in teaching beginners and advanced students to learn to read energy by not just to sporadically seeing or feeling it’s presence but to call it in, see it, and understand it enough to relay messages to others or self about the nature of the aura and energetic structure in question.
The amazing thing about the Snow Globe is it can be as simple or as complex as you would like it to be while the results still stay equally effective no matter which route you choose to take because it is not you healing you… it is you calling upon a larger aspect of you to clear you while you witn…