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Franklin - My new Teacher :)

Last night I met a new teacher... His name is Franklin, claims to be Benjamin Franklin.  I would like to call him in this evening and see if he has any other words to share with me so that I can then teach his words of wisdom to other (of course giving him credit for it)

Giving credit is not the thing that we are looking for it is not recognition it is the want and desire to spread the word that one is all and all is one.  Those that do not understand this are in for a rude awakening you see.  What those who do know are looking to see is that the world as a while is opening up to spirit.  You may see that people are more open to spirit that they want to talk about spirit and that they are more willing able to embrace spirit even in public.  This was never so when on the earth plane and the fact that this is inspiring us to want to teach so much more.  We LVOE to teach and in doing so we also learn.  By having a vehicle in which we may teach through we are giving Joy and anticipation f…