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Ghost Buster!

Tonight was a FIRST. I went down to Kim's house in OB and got rid of 5 or 6 ghosts from her house.  The story it seems and this I will confirm with Felice is that a family of 5..... 3 little girls, a mom and a dad were all killed by the father when the stock market crashed and then he hung himself.  There was a mother in law there and I was told that the little girls were raped by the wife's brother.   I am going to check with Felice.

I had alot of fun tonight, and I got a 2 hour massage!  YAY!!  I talked to Kim's roommates and got to confirm alot of the things I was picking up on their energy and also things that I was reading into their spirit guides and deceased loved ones!

Christie gave be a beautiful candle holder, and a cute lacy bag with earrings in it.  Kim gave me 40 dollars for gas.  Together that all equals about 40 + 160 (massage) + 50 (candle & earrings)

All in all tonight was an awesome night and I thank my guides and Alvina and Ken for helping with gett…