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4 Stages of Spiritual Development

The 4 Levels of Spiritual Development as taught by my guides 
My first spiritual teacher was a man who had been trained in Mediumship almost his entire life.He was a misfit in his younger years, highly abused traumatized child of an alcoholic before that, but had a very kind heart and desire to teach however his need to for love was defeating to everything he worked so hard for and unfortunately no longer teaches but one thing I learned from him has ALWAYS stuck with me.  He would talk about the steps of spiritual development and advised to make sure to always be moving through them and never stop.  Ironically that is what happened to him.  But in honor for his cool teaching here it is.  1.)Searching for truth and a tiny bit is found 2.)EVERYTHING IS SPIRIT! 3.)I KNOW ALL so I must teach! 4.)Realization that we do not know all with the humility to start all over at stage one so that we can continue learning.

As I was typing this my guides came in and added to it so I will leave BOTH ver…