4 Stages of Spiritual Development

The 4 Levels of Spiritual Development as taught by my guides 

My first spiritual teacher was a man who had been trained in Mediumship almost his entire life.  He was a misfit in his younger years, highly abused traumatized child of an alcoholic before that, but had a very kind heart and desire to teach however his need to for love was defeating to everything he worked so hard for and unfortunately no longer teaches but one thing I learned from him has ALWAYS stuck with me.  He would talk about the steps of spiritual development and advised to make sure to always be moving through them and never stop.  Ironically that is what happened to him.  But in honor for his cool teaching here it is. 
1.)   Searching for truth and a tiny bit is found
3.)   I KNOW ALL so I must teach!
4.)   Realization that we do not know all with the humility to start all over at stage one so that we can continue learning.

As I was typing this my guides came in and added to it so I will leave BOTH version in here so that you can decide for yourself what your truth is and which stage you are in or that you want to be in!  The exercise following these stages will help you to remove any energies that are blocking you from your truth and it will also help to ground into your higher selfs data base any upgrades it needs so that you can have access to the information you seek for.  Many times our higher self which I in essence see as a mother board that looking like a big sheet of paper attached to the spine that sticks up out of the head and belwo the feet and all the way through and out to the sides of the person almost like they have wings. That higher self can have outdated info that you are working off of so the blue print that you are striving to be does not have everyting you need or may have beliefs that you have have worked through faster than your soul thought you would so they are now blocking you from developing further.  For example : Your soul wants you to be a nun in a past life and your soul knew that you as consciousness have been prone to LOVING MONEY and wanting make tons of it so much so you have tuned into a theif and a pirate for 3 lives straight!   So in your last life time where you are supposed to be a nun your souls programs your blueprint or higher self with some beliefs because the chances of you becoming a financially poor human are 0 to none!  During your spirits incarnation planning process with your chosen guides your soul (you) think to program some beliefs into your higher self template or blueprint that will keep you on your soul path of becoming a nun!  The beliefs are Money is evil if I wonrk for God and God will not love me if I am making money and I must serve God no matter what!  Those beliefs keep you on your soul path last life time but now its 2017 and you are a spiritual teacher and a healer and the going rate for a healing is 100 dollars an hour but you are use to making 25 dollars an hour in the job you left to serve God.  However now that you are depending on your job as a healer for money you have gone from doing 10 sessions a week for fun because its your passion to not having even one person call you for a session.  Its because of the old belief that is still in there and completely outdated.  This exercise will completely REMOVE all out dated beliefs in yoru mother board and it will also install new ones that will reinforce the intentions you state prior to it!

Hopefully you can see yourself in one of these phases and I am almost positive if you are reading this book you are.  I do this exercise I am sharing with you about once month and I pray everyday for the OPENNESS and WILLINGNESS to NEVER stop learning and the ability to see if I am shutting out new information based on old outdated beliefs or even beliefs that belong to my bible belt family members who LOVE Christ so much and are amazing Christians but completely closed and SO stuck in phase 3.  Reading this book wil not be something they do out of fear of being proven wrong or even having proof that their religion does not know it all. 

1.)          The somewhat closed Skeptical mind investigates and searches for truth outside the confines of their reality and their beliefs.  This stage can take life times and is almost always something a soul plans prior to incarnation.  The soul plan the time where stage one will begin and if by free will the human does not begin their spiritual seeking whether it be through religion, science, metaphysics, or spiritual endeavors the higher self can invoke an experience where the consciousness that is trapped with in the human mind with no ability to look outside of it for answers is forced to.  The experiences are usually some form of out of body experiences that the seeker REMEMBERS.  We go out of body all the time, we leave daily and travel nightly to other realms but do not remember.  When a soul is needing their consciousness that they put in a human to open up and begin searching they will cause the mind to remember therefore causing the human to ask questions they never had before.  The higher self will also do this through dreams and unfortunately some have to have near death experiences to scare them into stage one.  Losing a loved one is the most common reason humans begin on the spiritual seeking path and start phase one.  The seeker will search and if answers are not found they will lose interest and quit however if they are able to be convinced through what ever it is they have found and believe that spirit is real they will move onto Stage 2 of their development. 
2.)          Stage 2 is the Spiritual enthusiast!  They are very similar to your happy go lucky born again Christians that want to convert EVERYONE and can not be convinced of anything other than what they believe now even though it may not be fueled with much common sense or intellectual information! EVERYTHING is SPIRIT!  LIFE IS AMAZING!! The wind blows and that is spirit and God sending a message!  A leaf falls on the ground in front of them and that is Spirit!  These are the seekers who see 1111 everywhere or other repetitive numbers or meaningful words everywhere.   These are the seekers that are always looking for the SYNCHONICITIES in life and because of it they experience them when likely if they talk about them to others, others will see nothing synchronistic about what happened!  But it doesn't matter because the seeker REALLY is getting messages from Spirit and they can FEEL the bliss from it but their consciousness is having to trick the brain into thinking the messages are physical rather than etheric.  There is not much common sense behind stage 2 spiritual seekers BLISS and JOY and that is fine because the feeling of BELIEVING is just SO amazing it trumps all else!  Unfortunately, until one cycles all the way back around to Stage two after completing stage four and then one again the feeling eventually leaves and the seeker is left with a feeling of emptiness so they either go back to stage one and become a skeptic in search of hard evidence so they can believe again or their belief remains with out the feeling of bliss so they go in search of more information to build their belief on and move onto stage 3.  Unfortunately if they do not have resources, information, or even jut a little bit of support the just recently blissful seeker who could not be told God and Spirit were not loving forces in their life will claim temporary insanity and go back to their life and the way it was before. 
3.)          Stage 3 is the Student.  This is when spiritual seekers seek out classes like meditation, energy healing, reiki or other simple healing modalities.  They go to Intuition classes, mediumship classes, or other classes that teach about the nature of humans like subconscious reprogramming courses or energy medicine.  This is also a time when these individuals are highly prone to adopting a “religion” of thought by joining a group of other like minded people so as to reinforce their beliefs.  Many who do not have the resources to continue learning in an open, non dogmatic, regimented way will, out of not knowing any better, join strict modalities where they begin to believe in a similar way to that which they did before they began their journey on Stage 1.  Likely what will happen is they will find that this group can give answers to and support 3 of their 10 beliefs that gave them the BLISS in stage 2 so they will settle and then frame all of their spiritual beliefs around this adopted thought matrix even though inside they do not agree with 7 out of the 7 of the primary beliefs this group holds but will then refuse to look at anything out side of it in fear of losing the small amount of belief they still do have that is being fostered by their part in this new group or philosophy they have adopted or been adopted by.  If the seeker is able to keep their belief enough to continue to learn and educate themselves not only will they likely become a teacher even if it is just their family that learns from them but they will move onto stage 4.  99% of the spiritual seekers today do not go past stage 4 unfortuneately.  (be part of the 1%!)  
4.)          Stage 4 is stage 1 all over again but it is stage one with the belief in spirit so the seeker looks for new break throughs, new information, new studies to prove their current beliefs wrong in hopes of finding new more advanced truths!  In this stage they have the experience with knowing their spirit and they likely trust their intuition and because of this they begin to ask the tough questions that no one has answers for and those answers begin to come from with in or from combined outside sources as if by magic!  In this the EXCITEMENT OF STAGE 2 kicks in and the BLISS behind the SEARCH begins and this is where and when the genius inside of us, the Higher Self knowledge, is truly activated because there is no fear of being wrong, there is no fear that you will lose the belief because something you learn contradicts what you originally learned to be true that put you into stage 2 to begin with.  This is the endless and glorius search for truth coupled with humaily excitement and the curiousity of a child.  From here the seeker teaches but not as a teacher.  They teach as a fellow student who can’t wait to share with others what they have learned so as to combine what they have an possibly find more truth!  This is the sweet spot that I hope we can all strive for but you can’t get to 4 with out going through 1-3 first and there would be no fun in skipping a phase.  All of them are amazing and fun and they are meant to be enjoyed so where ever you are on your path with ANYTHING in life (this structure can be applied to ANTYHING not just spiritual development, intuition development, healing, mediumship, etc it can be applied to any thought process, passion, or way of being)


I am ________________(your name) Awareness Now. Thank you.
Show me where my God/Thought spot is now.
Place your hand there and then feel yourself being drawn into the center of your “Thought Spot” bubble.   The Thought spot will always be somewhere along the tube that runs down through your body if it feels like it is somewhere else just will it with your mind and imagination to move to where your hand is.
Once you feel as if you are there just imagine what it feels like there and say “Zero”
This will instantly put your bodies into alignment with the Zero Point and give you access to ALL energies that ever have been and that will ever be.
Now say “My thought spot now represents any and all aspect of my blue print that need an update.”
You can take a moment to feel what you feel like now that the space you are imagining you are in has shifted into your higher self’s divine blueprint then say “Update me now” or you can say “Download abundance now” or “Remove Money is Evil and replace with source energy”

From above you imagine tons of light puring down the ascension tube over and through your thought spot bubble and into the earth where the energies will be absorbed or processed and shifted a bit with earths idea of what is needed therefore bouncing back more beautiful energy up the tube.  Sit while the energies bounce back and forth until they are done.  SOmetiems it takes 2 seconds sometimes it take a few minutes.  You can down load ANY emotion, any feeling, and you can remove ANY belief or trauma from any memory you have.
Example of a trauma would be seeing someone hurt very badly when you were a child.  In this case you would say “Please remove all trauma from the memory I have from when the neighbor punched my dad” then allow the energies to flow down the tube through your thought spot and into the earth where they will either stop there or bounce back up.  The key here is just watching with no judgement. You will be amazed at the shifts you receive from this simple exercise.

The way I work with this exercise and the 4 phases is prior to calling in the zero point energies and updating my higher selfs blue print is I say “I now ask that all layers of Marisa’s mind body and soul be open to the energies required for my souls ascension and growth please remove all blocks, update out dated beliefs, and send any virtues or lessons learned required to do this.  Thank you.”  


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