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Christ Centered Mediums.... YES, we do we exist!! :) :)

A medium just like myself has a blog and I stumbled upon it tonight after having a long channeling session with Papa and our 2 spirit guides that are helping us write our book about who we are, where we came from, who God is, who the Devil is and where we are going after we "die"....  This blog literally takes the words right out of our guides mouths to the point that I am going to write to her and ask if we possibly have the same guide.  Seriously, there are parts that are word for word.... AMAZING! 

Her name is Valerie Renee and I am sure you can google her and her web site will pop up.  I am in no way taking from her what she has written, this is more of a display of the wise words she has written to explain something that I am questioned with almost everyday as a Medium who believes in Christ.  Please enjoy! 
With Love and Light, 
Marisa :)

I have been questioned by many with a firm belief in Christ as to why I would choose to be a medium. These peo…
Are spirit guides angels?
What we must share is that titles are not neccessary to understndn who we are we must say that time is worth standing and that is always clear.
What do you mean by time is worth standing
What we mean by this is that time is standing still until the desision is made to move forward in spirit and do what is planned.  We must explain this so that you can see that when the decision are made the time begins again.  Does this make sense?
I guess it sort of does... so do you mean that time stands still up there?
What we mean is time stands still for your soul.  As the sould grows so does the consciousness of ones mind and later leads to a toll over of emailothion to regain the consciousness of the country in which you live.  Who is this??  Albert?
Who are you albert? Are you for my highest and best good?
The processes that I would love to share are those that are in comrehensible to the mind of a human . The words to describe do not exist and that in which we …