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Let's your GRIPES be YOUR CURE and WITNESS your Triggers to clear the way to your Higher Self and all of the Spiritual Gifts you were born with!

I have never watched my own videos, I refuse to listen to myself channel unless it's a meditation, and today I was told to start watching myself so that I can LEARN to "present myself" for the upcoming filming we are doing.  So..... I watched this and was practically screaming at my lap top "MARISA PUT the STICK down!!!! like... NOW!!!...  PLEASE????" but no I twirled it and flipped it around the WHOLE time!  This watching myself on camera thing is TOUGH.... I am REALLY REALLY annoying! hahaha!

HOWEVER THAT being said.... the lesson I am teaching in here is SO SO SO SO SO IMPORTANT that I am making it one of the first lessons in my book.  LIFE IS A MIRROR we ONLY see in others what we ARE and what we would do.  How could we see anything else.  If we don't know what being possessive feels like and have never been possessive how are we supposed to see it in others?
But if we are a possessive person we may see our girlfriends man asking her to stay home inste…