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Book Review

1.) Types of people helpers on the other side.

Marisa usually uses the word guide as do most others who work in the world that marisa does with healing, channeling, intuitive counseling.  To describe any one that comes through from the other side that is not a deceased family member or an angel.  The guide's have come through in a few sessions to explain that most of them are spirit teachers (not guides).  They have explained that for the most part we have a guide on the other side that has been with us since the birth of our soul and as we progress in soul growth we have new guides come in to help us (as souls) to conquer certain aspects of ourselves that need to grow.  These are different that spirit teachers.  Spirit teachers may be part of our soul group on the other side, they may not be.  Regardless, most people on this planet have anywhere between 5 to 50 spirit teachers, angels, or guides that they work with through out their life.  So far Marisa has met 5 spirit teachers …

I am Marisa (Part 1 of 2)