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you see me when you look at thee.... you are here when no one else is. YOu are turning to something that you can not see but you can explain and this requires faith in deed.   We want for you to see all that you can see and more as your life will be full of explaining this to others and teaching you see.   I would like to call in the guides who will be writing through me from now into the future.  YOu must see that it is not like this it is not the way you see it is not the way it is done but we understand and we see that it is something you desire to be done.
What we are talking about is the energies that need to be used.....
Oh, okay - You want me to write?? YES 
Okay.... I will switch now :)
Hello! I would like to call in Aribella and see what I can do to continue to connect with you on a deeper level and see if there is anything you would like to share with me.

Yes I do, I need to tell you that you may not ask but we already se that it is time to push you in the direction in which you are heading.  We knjow that it is tough and you can not hear what we are saying but we must encourage you to take that first step.  We love that you are continuing to become healthy and we need for yout o know that you will be a healthy "medium" in deed but you must understand that eventually you will need to cease to take any medications that are not for your epilepsy.  We will not o anything drastic we would like to get it out there that our connection will only grow deeper as you take less and less of the medication you are taking.   Am I safe to go and pick it up tomorrow.  Yes youa re just drive carefully, that is all we ask.
Are you working with Tanya still?  No I have pass…