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Intro to the NEW snow globe book by ONLY me... I am a Snowglobe by Marisa

Our lives are made up of moments, snap shops in our minds of who we are, who our family is and what we mean to the world and the people around us. Most of our memories are made up of the pictures that we have seen time and time again in the family photo albums or from the pictures that hang on our parents walls. The stories that our family and friends tell over and over seem to be the things we remember most, but what about all the other times in our lives? What about the other 99.9% of our life? Do you remember your life? Do you remember how you felt at night before bed when no one was around and no was talking to you about the day? Do you remember the things that you would think about? Do you remember how you felt about yourself and who you felt you were to the world? Do you remember what YOU wanted to be when you grew up... Not what your parents or family wanted you to be or told you that you would be the best at? Life is funny, it is my belief that as souls, we choose these lives,…