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Are you your own Soul Mate?

Do not get PURPOSE confused with JOB and do not get FINDING YOURSELF confused with finding the PERFECT MATE. If you find that you are itching to DO MORE, it's likely that you are in the right job but there are people that can be ministered to, seeds planted, your passion for spirit and self-discovery shared with a client, or customer, or co-worker! If you find yourself thinking that your spouse or significant other is LACKING a list of qualities ask yourself first where you are lacking those qualities for self. Example  : They don't pay enough attention to me. Ask yourself  : Do you pay enough attention to you or are they treating you the way you have trained them to treat you?? Remember we train our friends and family and coworkers to treat us a certain way..... when we change we get upset with them for not treating us with "respect" or what ever our new spiritual practice has taught us to ask for in others but the  ROOT OF IT ALL is ARE WE OUR OWN SOUL MA