The Three Scribes

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The Three scribes are described as 3 souls that not only create many spirits on this planet but only create scribes, educators of all kinds, writers, philosophers, ministers, metaphysicians, scientists, and men/women of faith but those who are willing to test the standards of society in that they want to know MORE, they don't accept anything as the ultimate truth.  Those who are drawn to the three scribes are those who are looking for answers an in looking they end up with even more questions we hope that in bringing forth their channeled teachings that at least a fraction of your thirst for "knowing" will be quenched.  As for the rest of the thirst we love hearing from you and LOVE to receive questions that we can ask the scribes in our weekly channeling sessions. 

A scribe is one that takes the words of another and documents them exactly the way they were intended to come out.  The three scribes who have said that the 3 wise men represented them have lived in all places through out time here on Earth and are here now to educate the planet not only of the Biblically recorded times but also refresh or bring forward teachings that did not make it into our current day texts.  Their intention is to help people move up the ladder in ascension into becoming their higher selves and connecting with Christ to eventually become Christed theirselves so they can move onto becoming creators themselves. 

Joseph Moris, author and strong Christian is the father to Marisa Moris a clairvoyant medium who through an out of body experience in 2008 gained the ability to leave her body at will and connect with anyone anywhere and channel their words.  Marisa channels the 3 scribes one of them being Jesus him self and Joseph acts as a Scribe himself in delivering the words to anyone who is willing to listen to the message. We hope you enjoy this Blog and feel free to leave questions or comments that we can ask the guides and get your answers. 
God Bless!


  1. I so enjoy listening to both you and your daughter. Marisa is extremely gifted and I just so admire and appreciate you. Being a Christian myself, I love Jesus. I was however (as was my mother who is a devout Christian and goes to church and Bible study etc) gifted with sensitivities. Sometimes I would tell people about what I saw and they (Christians) would condemn this, and say there is no such thing...etc or that if I listen to New Age it is of the underworld. On the other hand I was not totally comfortable with all New Age beliefs. I am so happy to have "found" you. It is so sad to hear that a church kicked you out (I believe you mentioned that) as churches doors should be wide opened...Anyway, just want to say how much I appreciate your teaching and your courage to maintain your faith while being open minded and loving and supportive to you daughter. I also love the fact that people like us who perhaps are a little older can stand firm in our beliefs and not accept the judgement of others. Thanks! G

    1. From my dad Joe Moris:

      I totally understand where you are coming from. I was an argumentative agnostic most of my life. On Marisa's 21st birthday we were baptized together. I felt the Holy Spirit come over me even though Marisa didn't. It took many more years before Marisa actually baptized herself on Easter morning some 15 years's never too late. After I was baptized I couldn't get enough learning. I read the Bible from cover to cover but I also read the Urantia Book which is also a channeled book....many believe that Edgar Cayce is the channeler but it hasn't been confirmed. I learned so much from that book that it made reading the Bible make sense to me. But, when I would describe the events in the Urantia Book with my Pastor I would be told that I was headed down a slippery slope to hell. That was frustrating so I basically kept my mouth shut. I continued with the same church including many Bible study classes for many years afterward until things sort of came to a head after Marisa was blessed with her abilities. When Marisa and I tried to discuss her abilities with my Pastor we were summarily dismissed from the church. They didn't actually kick us out but their actions, or lack thereof, created a cloud that made it impossible to return. Since then I have attended two different churches. One on Saturday night and one on Sunday mornings. I love to hear sermons. Many times I wish I could raise my hand and add to the sermon or literally try to answer an open ended question that the pastor may pose on the parishioners, but that's silly...I just keep my mouth shut.

      I've learned so much about Jesus and that he isn't just a man that lived so long ago. I've learned through our channel sessions that Jesus is a good buddy of mine. Our souls have shared human lives before....once when we sat in the Valley of the Kings and stared upon the stars and calculated their movements. But in Spirit, I know that Jesus is with me just by asking for him. He said....ask and ye shall receive. So, I ask for him when I really need him. But for the most part I just count on "big Joe" Higher guide me through the plan I came to complete so I just quietly turn my will over to "God" each morning and ask him to guide me where I'm supposed to go.

    2. One thing Jesus implored in us is to NOT try to convince anyone who already loves and follows him to try to understand what Marisa and I have learned. He said that what he has taught us is for the 85% of Christians that really DON'T believe in him....those 85% for the most part are "too intelligent" to believe but do so more out of fear....fear that if they didn't say they were Christians that they would go to hell. Jesus told us that the "seekers and the curious" will seek us out in order to understand who he is and what he wants from us.

      I would recommend respecting your parents and others that have found and truly love Jesus. Don't try to convince them of what you learn through Marisa and I. Just tell them that you respect them but would hope they will respect you too for your understanding of God and Jesus....this is actually in one of our's a letter to me from Jesus which he gave me after I asked him how to deal with people that are vile towards me. He said to respect them and ask for their respect as well but not to be defensive if I'm not respected. Our job....yours, mine, Marisa's...everyone's job, is to drop "seeds"....simple seeds that either find the rocky road, thin soil, soil with weeds or rich soil in those individuals for which they might grow and blossom....and then move on.

      I tip my hat to you and your journey. I'm so glad that you are now connected to God in a way that brings you peace. Please don't hesitate to write to me if you ever want to just ask a question or even give me a testimonial. We love testimonials as we expect to catalog and print them someday.

      God bless you and thanks again for your kind words of encouragement to both Marisa and go and casually drop some seeds...but don't use a baseball subtle and humble.

      Joe Moris

  2. Gaya L those were from my dad we didn't know how to respond any other way I hope you get these God Bless you on your journey thank you God for allowing us to bump into each other on this wild ride! :) <3


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