2 biggest blocks that keep us from our Psychic Abilities and DISCERNMENT Exercises Feedback needed!

My book is due for the first round of edits tomorrow and I want to make sure that the exercises that I am putting in the book work for people who are new and for people who are not super visual the way I am.  I have read books before that are written by someone who has different abilities as me.  For instance they are a feeler so everything is written based on someone being able to FEEL so I have a hard time with the exercises.  
I realize I can't write about something that I do not know but I am hoping that these are simple enough for ANYONE to imagine even if they are the MOST Unimaginative person on the planet!  (BTW - to all the people who say they can't see : most people who can SEE energy and spirit will start out saying they CAN NOT! The primary reason for not being able to see is that they ALREADY DO SEE more than the average person and are expecting it to be MORE than it really is.  
IMAGINATION = SEEING SPIRIT AND ENERGY it's as simple as that and once we can begin to "see" that, the visual messages just start flowing in! It's awesome to watch the beginner transform and begin to trust!! 
The second reason they can not "see" is because of worthiness issues.  They feel as if they are NOT good enough to see because to them SUBCONSCIOUSLY only SUPER AWESOME COOL KIDS can see and they are not one of those.  Once I can shift their perspective to realizing that "the cool kids" don't think being psychic is COOL and that in reality probably 90% of the people on the planet don't want to SEE! IT's amazing to watch as someone shifts when they realize this!  
I use the example of being a doctor.  ONLY certain people are destined to be doctors, no on else in their right mind would want to be in that much school for so long and acquire so much debt that they are paying it off for 10 years or more after they have become a doctor only to work insane amount of hours surrounded by sick or dying people and stressed out family members.  ummmmmm, NO THANK YOU!! BUT TO THOSE WHO want to be doctors they may battle in their minds that everyone wants to be a doctor and how could they POSSIBLY BE WORTHY of becoming one someday!  
This usually clicks for the people I am talking to about wanting to be Psychic, or a healer, or intuitive, or a clairvoyant or channel.... I mean who in their right mind would want to be able to hear and see what others are thinking about stuff that has NOTHING TO do with anyone other than the person thinking it.  It's boring enough listening to someone ramble on about their problems but to have to hear that all the time even when they are not speaking.  And to get slimed by sad depressed people everywhere you go because your an empathic clairvoyant is PRETTY UNATTRACTIVE sounding too.  This is not even taking into consideration the fact that most people think it's EVIL to have abilities and those who don't believe that it's NOT real so to think being psychic is cool is the last thing someone needs BLOCKING their ability to be psychic and see spirit. 
I HAPPEN TO think being able to do all this stuff is SUPER COOL but that's because it's my path if I did not think that I would not have gone this route in life just like if my Doctor didn't think being a doctor was cool, I would not have had such an amazing doctor deliver madison for her birth....  See what I am saying?  I hope so! 

Here is the CHAPTER FROM MY BOOK!  Please try to exercise AT THE VERY END and let me know what you think! WHETHER YOU are a visual person or not.... 

When I began my spiritual journey I wanted to learn all about reality, where we come from, where we go, what we are doing here and I was so disappointed to find that in order to take classes I had to be part of a group and most of them were pretty creepy and cult like so I figured if I could learn to channel and talk to spirits on the other side then I could just ask them the questions so that is what I did. In order to talk to spirts I decided I would take a Mediumship class and that is where I met my first teacher whom I thought walked on water and he loved that I thought that.  It didn’t take long for that illusion to be broken and for us to go our own separate ways however when that happened he used what many would call black magic on me. At that point in my development I could barely see, I could channel spirit but I was unable to discern what was truth and what was not truth so I had a lot of questions and no one to answer them. At all times throughout the day and night I could feel an almost draining feeling coming off of my side and I knew it was him pulling my energy from me so that he could continue to have his abilities which he was quicly losing because he refused to do ego work. Ego work is necessary if you want to be a clear channel without it your mind and ego will begin to block your connection to source, your vibration will go down, and your abilities will dwindle unless you can find someone to attach to that unknowingly is giving you their light. I sought out shaman healers, I sought out all sort of people who I believed could help me and finally found a woman who did subconscious reprogramming and through that she was able to get rid of the connection I had to him for over a year since we had decided not to work together. 
I look back and see how easy for me it would be to get rid of what he was doing to me and how easy it is to teach others to do the same but at the time I was terrified. Growing up Christian I already had a feeling about what I was doing that just put icing on the cake. However I am so grateful I went through that because there are not a lot of healers that are willing to go into the yucky realms that I know how to go through. So many authors and teachers that say everything on the other side is wonderful and beautiful and that is not the case however if you are educated about the reality of things there is no reason to go into those places and that is what I intend to do for you in this book. I am going to educate you about the realms that you cannot see or sense with your physical senses but that effect you just as much or more than the physical. I am very protective of my students, and if you are reading this you are one of my students now. I care about you opening up to these other realities safely, not paranoid, but safe in that you know what you are doing. It is very simple if you follow the map I have spent the last 8 years drawing and its super simple to use the discernment exercise that is later in this section. I have spent almost every day for the last 5 years since learning to leave my body at will exploring the realms around us, mapping them out and also mapping out the layers and the anatomy of our soul. I am the most relentlessly curious clairvoyant spiritual seeker I know and I don’t plan to stop my seeking anytime soon. In 2012 my dad and I started meeting a few times a week in my living room so that I could go into trance and he would ask the guides questions. 2 years ago my dad and I met Bill Gladstone, my literary agent, and since the moment I met Bill and his lovely wife Gayle we have also started up our own channeling investigations about reality, divinity and all the other mysteries of the universe. Many of the things I have learned from recordings of myself speaking while in trance will be taught to you in this book, some of the information will blow your mind because of how simple yet mystical it is all at the same time. You may even realize in an upcoming chapter that you are already experiencing life as a multidimensional being and enjoying or medicating side effects of having spiritual gifts. I will explain more about that in a bit. Asside from learning some cool new information about the other side and how it operates and how we communicate with it that no one else is writing about this is an attunement book. I am going to bring you energetically into alignment with the piece of you that has every single spiritual ability that you can have as a human and with this attunement you can learn to do what I do and start your own investigation if you like. If investigating is not your thing, you will at least be able to use the knowledge to manifest money, relationships, friends, or develop your ability to heal yourself and others with the spiritual abilities that you were born with but have not completely known much less understood up until recently. 
In the following exercise I am going to teach you to discern your truth not only about books but spiritual teachers, gurus, mediums, and other people who seems to know more than you but probably don’t. Then following the super easy exercise, if you have deemed the attunement process to be for your highest and best good, I am also going to start the process that will bring you into contact with the REAL YOU. How exciting is that!! 
I hope that you enjoy this book, my plan is to bring to you all the things I desperately needed in the beginning middle and end of my awakening to spirit and all the tools I wish I had had so that I could have avoided a lot of heart ache, physical issues, and straight up frustration at having no clue about what I was doing and not trusting anyone enough to ask them. 

How to Determine Truth
1.) Sit down or stand up with a straight spine so that your feet are flat on the ground. 
2.) Breathe in with intention to fill your body with light and breathe out with the intention to release anything that is not for your highest and best good. 
3.) Say I am ________________ (your name) and imagine that you are in the center of your brain in a clear bubble.   
4.) 2 feet above you there is another BRIGHT BLINDING WHITE BUBBLE that is so bright you would not be able to look at it with your eyes. (similar to a flash on camera) 
5.) From above you the white bubble of light begins to drop down through your head and as it passes through your head your bubble merges with it and you are now moving down with it like an elevator into the center of the earth where it will fill with earth energy if it needs anything if not it will simply touch down then shoot back up on it’s own. 
6.) If it needed energy of any kind from the earth it will fill then shoot back up to your heart space in the center of your chest and park itself there. 
7.) How big is the sphere? What does it feel like? Take note of what the bubble with you in it looks or feels like in your imagination. 
8.) Now take a book, or an item, an idea written on a piece of paper, or simply imagine the thing in question is in your right hand and then place it over your heart. 
9.) Does the bubble feel expanded or Retracted? Based on how you feel you will have your answer to whether something resonates with you and with your Higher Self because the bubble pulled down from above represents them. 


  1. In #9 you use the word "feel" even though you prefaced this by saying you're a clairvoyant so you're visual. Since different people are different things, in #9 use "see/sense/feel" to include both clairvoyance and clairsentience for the bubble. Some people are both, but others aren't, as you've noted. Blessings.

  2. I am not necessarily visual and new to these ideas. I think your writing is excellent and loved the exercise! <3

    1. thank you clearky annonymous knew what i meant so didnt need to edit my post that I posted out of pure excitement to share with others I swear people like that make it hard to post from the heart knowing how critical some are when I am not a professional write then there are people like you ... thank you Jennifer... Do we know each other now? IF this Jenn A?


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