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Can we communicate with the Spirit World?


Can someone else's energy and aura cause people to get mad at me??

E N E R G Y…. Although I am a Christ based energy healer, channeler and Spiritual Intuitive I STILL think the word “energy” sounds SO new age-ish, don’t you?  Let me simplify and demystify this simple word’s meaning to healers like myself.  Energy = Emotions and Thoughts  Simple, right??   Take a moment after you read this article and think back to a time when you were in a GREAT mood, TOTALLY loving life, then you walked into a house or business and immediately felt edgy, or even angry, for no reason what so ever!  It has happened to me countless times and unfortunately, before I understood “energy”, it's effect on me, was the basis of my depression, anxiety, and several other issues I struggled though for 16 years.    In 2009 I developed the ability to SEE energy with my eyes so I became driven to understand how it worked.  I quickly learned that my sudden mood shifts we're caused by another person's energy entering into my field of consciousness (Aka - my pe…