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2 biggest blocks that keep us from our Psychic Abilities and DISCERNMENT Exercises Feedback needed!

My book is due for the first round of edits tomorrow and I want to make sure that the exercises that I am putting in the book work for people who are new and for people who are not super visual the way I am.  I have read books before that are written by someone who has different abilities as me.  For instance they are a feeler so everything is written based on someone being able to FEEL so I have a hard time with the exercises.   I realize I can't write about something that I do not know but I am hoping that these are simple enough for ANYONE to imagine even if they are the MOST Unimaginative person on the planet!  (BTW - to all the people who say they can't see : most people who can SEE energy and spirit will start out saying they CAN NOT! The primary reason for not being able to see is that they ALREADY DO SEE more than the average person and are expecting it to be MORE than it really is.   IMAGINATION = SEEING SPIRIT AND ENERGY it's as simple as that and once we can be…