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what are zero self attunements

What we would like to bring to you is nothing but inspiration and hope for a better YOU and therefore a tomorrow that you look forward to from a soul level as well as from a physical level.

What are Zero Self Attunements With Marisa MorisZeroIt is time for us to as consciousness living as humans to begin to understand what the ancients understood.It is time for us to set logic and reason aside and begin to educate ourselves on the things that can not be seen, or tasted, or touched.It is time to go beyond into a place where we are all connected where a thought about someone 10,000 miles away can effect them just as much as if they are standing next to you.Scientists today have proven that we here on earth and all over the universe for that matter are connected.They have proven that matter once connected is always connected and that if a photon that was once connected to another is spun a certain way the other half way across the continent will do the same.What does this mean?This means …