what are zero self attunements

What we would like to bring to you is nothing but inspiration and hope for a better YOU and therefore a tomorrow that you look forward to from a soul level as well as from a physical level.

What are Zero Self Attunements With Marisa MorisZeroIt is time for us to as consciousness living as humans to begin to understand what the ancients understood.  It is time for us to set logic and reason aside and begin to educate ourselves on the things that can not be seen, or tasted, or touched.  It is time to go beyond into a place where we are all connected where a thought about someone 10,000 miles away can effect them just as much as if they are standing next to you.  Scientists today have proven that we here on earth and all over the universe for that matter are connected.  They have proven that matter once connected is always connected and that if a photon that was once connected to another is spun a certain way the other half way across the continent will do the same.  What does this mean?  This means that we are all TRULY one or at least we once were and if we once were then we still effect each other no matter what our 5 senses tell us.

Many look at this on a physical level in the sense that someone can think good thoughts about another and due to that the person will heal or feel good.  Others look at this on a spiritual level in that we are all one soul called source split up into a billion tiny pieces but I look at this a little differently.  Yes, we are all one.  Yes, we all effect each other whether we realize it or now however what if there is a space OUTSIDE this oneness that we were once a part of that we can also access and that we can also be affected by?  I believe there is and I have spent the last 8 years almost obsessed or at least passionately preoccupied with finding the truth about who we are, why we are here, and most importantly how we as humans using the brains in our heads that only use 12% of their capacity can increase that percentage by embodying greater and greater aspects of self so that we can affect the world around us.  How can we use the piece of God with in us to heal disease, suffering, anger, war, etc… How do we use our ability to be the all to effect people who would never even consider picking up this book or anything like it?

The answer is that I must explore the universe, I must explore all aspects of self I can tune into and I must ask my higher selves and guides all about the anatomy of the soul and the hierarchy, if any, of the matrix that we are living in so that I can navigate through it, learn it well enough to create a map so that you do not have to spend every waking moment for the next 9 years obsessed with how to do it.  This book will not be covering all the complicated subjects I would love to share, your eyes would glaze over and you would fall asleep.  This book is a roap map to recovery from ANYTHING because not only will you learn through stories, channelings, and testimonials the nature of the reality we all live but there will be 7 attunements that will open you up to the Christed path to Ascension.  That sounds like a big word and probably made some of you roll your eyes.  What that is in reality is an attunement to your own higher selves.  These exercises and the energetic imprints placed into the healings will allow you to expland your mind through the use of visualization while in guided meditations and I have made it so easy.  Everything is in words a 2nd grader can understand and everything is done in a way that will not blow any circuts, open you too fast, cause an healing crisis, or any of the other things that tend to happen when people, like myself, decide to get into self healing and awareness and innocently do a meditation that leads to attachments, cords, and just plain bad emotional experiences that we don’t realize are coming from the new “self help” practice we have started. 

In this world we live, let’s call it a virtual reality movie for fun, we are the living the life of one character, that is all our mind can truly understand or allow us to comprehend however if we are able to expalnd our consciousness out side of the movie into the audience watching to movie then we are truly living life as every single character and can see life from all of the characters eyes even though we may be drawn to identify with one or two characters based on our past movie watching experiences we still have the ability to see the all.  Look at the soul plane, heaven, the 5th dimension what ever you want to call it as the movie theatre.  Each room has a different movie playing and we can choose which to go see.  Earth is one theatre and maybe another theatre down the hall is earth in the future or the past, maybe it’s another planet all together.  As souls of patrons of this movie theatre we choose which movie to watch and when we sit down to watch the movie we become so engrossed in the movie that we really think we are in it and in most cases our consciousness gets trapped in the movie leaving our soul sitting in the theatre in an almost meditative catatonic state until we “cross back over” bringing all the experiences with us so that we can use those to decide what we will watch next.  The issue with the world and our reality today is that inside the virtual reality movie we call earth there are MANY MANY beings that have chose to stay in the movie, to abandon their soul in the theatre and bring with them all the knowledge they have attained through eternity and those beings have knowingly created false ideology, religions, and have created ideas around reincarnation that in essence trap consciousness inside the movie by creating a fake movie theatre inside the movie that beings think they need to go to before being sent back into the movie to live again.  The issue with this is they are now cut off from their life force and the knowledge that comes with the realization while you are so into the movie that you think you are the character that you are not just the character you are the consciousness with in it and you can also pull from and connect with the soul sitting in meditation in the theatre information about anything and everything you would like to know.  The souls that have chosen to fall are no longer connected to their life force so they have to pull from the beings that are still connected to the patron in the theatre.  
Now, and try to stay with me, I would like you to consider this.  The movie theatre is actually a virual reality video game being created and controlled by someone up in the projector room.  The someone is your Christed self.  That someone thought up the game, created your soul as a reflection of it self to go into the created movie theatre to experience life thorugh all of the different movies playing in all the different theatres.  You are the Creator of this reality.  Taking one more step back would be the creator of the game that has the movie theatre in it that has the individual movies that have false fallen versions of movies in some of them.  What a mess while at the same time being SO beautiful all at once.  YOU are the creator of everything or you at least have access to that and that is the I am that I am self.  The source in which that came is what I call the Zero self and that is the self I am going to teach you to connect with.  That is the light from which EVERYTHING comes from and with your connection to it and the ascension tube you will be attuned to you will be able to go to and connect with any layer of you that you would like.  You may not be able to SEE or FEEL all these layers of you but you will notice a difference because, and this is the most fascinating thing about all of this, EVERYTHING is in that BRAIN of yours!  Your brain is a walkie talkie to all dimensions of reality that you can use to know and be anything you want and it uses these energy centers that are a lot like hard drives called chakras to do it. 

This attunement in this book will fine tune your energy system, the way someone would tune up a radio so that it can clearly receive the frequencies the owner of the radio would like to listen to.  Your human body and aura, just like that radio will be cleared of things keeping you, the consciousness or owner of the radio from hearing what you want to hear from all the other layers and aspects of yourself, or even your guides and angels who also communicate through frequency. 

These attunements will help you to become a fully aligned and connected vehicle that can carry the Light and knowledge needed to complete your souls mission by first connecting you directly to the patron in the theatre and disconnecting any connections you may have to false realities with in the movie and God heads who you may have vowed eternity to 15 lives ago and have been trapped in the movie ever since.  This first attunement has changed thousands of lives, I have the testimonials to show for it and it takes me no more than a few minutes to do it.  I am creating this as a 3 day process at least for each of the attunements but you can spend as much time as you want on each there is no wrong way to do this because once you are connected and using the mind of your patron, or soul, life becomes quantum in nature and things just start happening and that is why it is so important to understand the other things like law of attraction that I spoke about earlier, law of attraction, law of cause and effect because you, with this first attunement are going to become the creator of your perception of this reality and after that you will become the creator of your reality all the way up to the creator of everything.  It’s super hard to grasp even for me after having been in the Zero point and just knowing everything and knowing nothing at all all at the same time.  It’s the most undescribable feeling and I want all of you to begin to acknowledge and appreciate all the pieces of you not just your intellect, emotional body and some are open to their astral body so tend to see ghosts and fairies and astral travel at night.  This does not make someone wise, it just makes them able to see things others can not and with that comes responsibility and that is something these days that people do not take as seriously as it should be taken


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