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Life is like Disney Land and all you can eat Buffets!

Life is like Disney Land and all you can eat Buffets!
I am Jesus yes I am but I carry with in you with in each of you a light a light that no one can see unless you look.For when you can open your mind and your eyes to the knowing that we are all one you can begin to see that each of our lives are like moments in one being’s life.You can look at the man in line at the Starbucks as an afterthought or a memory in one beings mind but the two of you are the same.Just as you and I are the same.We are one being.There are 12 beings, there are 7 constellations, and there are 18 bi polar magnetics that bring about shifts and changes within the 12 beings.What you may begin to see is a visualization this visualization is 12 beings sitting on red rock in a desert.These beings are 80 feet tall and within them they each carry the mysteries of millions of universes and galaxies that no one can quite understand indeed.These 12 beings make a choice they decide where they would like to go first with in…

When I was in Recovery Singing in the car changed my world!

When I was in recovery for like the 5th time 17 years ago I use to listen to this song (Jewel - Hands) while driving to my AA meetings and I would get chills thinking that one day I wanted to help the world to feel the way I felt when I was clean and had no desire to use and was singing at the top of my lungs in the car with out a car in the world.... the feeling would only last a minute to a few days at a time and it was not until 9 years ago that I would learn that I was a medium and an intuitive (psychic) so the need to use was an unconscious way to self medicate the emotions of others I was feeling around me. I can NOW say that I HELP people to feel that feeling I had singing in the car .... I can clearly see that when I felt that way it was merely me being in alignment with my higher self with a high vibration totally free of others emotions with a CLEAN SNOW globe!  Funny how life works.... When you are alone driving on the freeway what do you think about?

I don't Feel Real…