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We SAW Lucifer last night and he is on the loose in the healing community!!

Last night IsabelScott and I jetted off after the LIFE PURPOSE MEDITATION class I taught to go to an event at Seaside Spiritual Center that Bill, my agent and co author, invited me to. My primary reason for wanting to go was so that I could see the space that I will be teaching at in the September 24th event about Manifesting the life of your dreams with Jake Ducey and William Gladstone ( to register) but I gained SOOOOO much more than I could have EVER imagined going to this healing event.
I am not a big doom and gloom, hell brimstone and fire person in fact up until recently my simple request to my guides was that I was NEVER shown anything that would scare me while still making me aware it was there so that I could remove it from someone's field in a session. Recently though I decided to get real. I have battled addiction since I was 20 years old and now that I have a daughter I want to make sure the behaviors I learned from my family that eventuall…