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auto write

When we step in we bring love we bring light and we bring truth.. you have always brought us in with out a fight and you have always brought us through when it was right.  when you question who we are with out pondering we bring to you uncahrted life worth wondering and when you beign to bring to life that which we bring we bring into you the need to survive the need to be and the need to perform.  when we see you we see light when we see you we see love wehn we see you we see delight in the things that we are bring to you.  You must understand that what we see is you what you see is you what we all see is you for you are you and we are you and we are living in you. we are the unsacrificed we are the ones that can just watch we are just listening and we can pull back to not feel what you feel.

are you my 5 d self?  Yes
are you who I have always channeled? yes
 so when I see a guide am I still channeling you?  yes but not always
when I intend to channel someone else are you still my g…

White Horses and Not Feeling Real

Life is so strange I mean if you really sit back and think about it, we are these creatures much like animals but also not at the same time.We have bodily functions that operate whether we think or not.We have a brain that thinks on it’s own and thoughts that run through it all day all night every single moment of our entire lives.Those thoughts cause our “creature bodies” to feel automatic emotions of fear, joy, sadness, or anxiety and in doing that those automatic bodily functions like sweating from stress, adrenaline rush from fear, tears of sadness or tears of joy, shivering when we are cold or scared.These bodies really are beings that are operating completely separate from what we are actually REALLY feeling or thinking inside.Have you ever been super happy but for some reason you have a feeling of nervousness in your stomach as it flip flops around making you nauseous so you become obsessed with figuring out what bad thing is about to happen or what bad thing has happened that…

The God Spot is NOT in the Brain! Where is YOURS?

As I sat down to write the God Spot exercise for my book "I don't feel Real ~ Living life as an undercover intuitive and closet healer" I said my prayer and did my space clearing.  After clearing my own space I called the guides in and just as I started to write I heard “google God Spot within”!  So I did.  I was absolutely SHOCKED to see that “the God Spot” was an actual "thing" that others had been researching and writing about.  Articles ranging from the God Spot being bogus to the God Spot being a part of the brain were listed down google on my lap top screen.  Not wanting to get my mind all mixed up in what others think about something I was channeling lessons on I started to close the screen and heard my loud boisterous sometimes self imposing holographic guide Peter scream “click that!” to a huffington post article.  Although reluctant, I did it.  It was interesting to me how an atheist was taking the time to prove that a God Spot is not real and he was …

I had a Dream and it just came true!!

Dreams Really Do Come True! 
Almost exactly 8 years ago I started reading books by Jerry and Esther Hicks about the law of attraction and how our thoughts effect what we attract in our lives.  I started changing the way I thought and I immediately saw results…. I found it AMAZING!  At the time I didn’t have a license due to my seizures, or a car, or money for that matter so a friend and I were at the library looking through the "weird" New Age section and my pushy friend grabbed a book and said “YOU READ THIS ITS BY YOUR FAVORITE!” (she is philipina with a strong bossy accent but I love her haha).  I had been reading a book called Opening to Channel by Sonia Roman and she mistakenly thought this book she shoved at me was by her.  I took the book home and started reading, I felt like I knew the author.  I had chills at least a dozen times as I read the first few chapters of the book.  Right then and there I did my very first meditation the way she suggested.  In that meditat…