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Joseph's Introduction from "ANSWERS" ~ Bridging the gap between Christianity and Spirituality

"ANSWERS" ~ Bridging the gap between Christianity and Spirituality
Joseph’s Introduction
This book will take about two to three hours to read.It will take you away from listening to music, watching situational comedies, reality shows or just being bored and looking out the window in a car or airplane. This is a short read with some eye-popping revelations. What follows is something that my daughter and I have discovered through her phenomenal talents while working in the Light of God with His permission. My daughter can speak with the “other side”.The reason why she has this ability is further explained throughout our book. Marisa and I have spent countless hours discussing and taping what comes forward in these pages. Initially we were very confused by what “they” (to be identified shortly) were trying to teach us. I decided to transcribe the tapes, but it was laborious, and I still wasn’t learning what I needed to learn. Worse yet, I was immersing myself into this as a devou…

My Introduction from "ANSWERS" ~ Bridging the Gap between Christianityand Spirituality

"ANSWERS"   Bridging the Gap between Christianity and Spirituality
Marisa’s Introduction
When we started this book a little over a year ago, the guides came in while I was doing a Reiki reading on my dad and told us that he would be writing a book.They said that it would help raise the vibration of the planet. They said FIRST and FOREMOST the reason for their coming in to give answers to his questions was to educate him so that he would not have to worry about what it was that I was doing now that I had become a healer, a channel, and a medium. They told him that he would be a kindergartener learning quantum physics. When chatting with him about the understanding I had (which was about a third-grade education), I realized that they (the guides) had a tough road ahead of them.
I have been told by several spiritual teachers that a nice thing about my beliefs is that they come directly from the information my guides have given me. Yes, I was raised sort of Christian, but a child a…