Let's your GRIPES be YOUR CURE and WITNESS your Triggers to clear the way to your Higher Self and all of the Spiritual Gifts you were born with!

I have never watched my own videos, I refuse to listen to myself channel unless it's a meditation, and today I was told to start watching myself so that I can LEARN to "present myself" for the upcoming filming we are doing.  So..... I watched this and was practically screaming at my lap top "MARISA PUT the STICK down!!!! like... NOW!!!...  PLEASE????" but no I twirled it and flipped it around the WHOLE time!  This watching myself on camera thing is TOUGH.... I am REALLY REALLY annoying! hahaha!

HOWEVER THAT being said.... the lesson I am teaching in here is SO SO SO SO SO IMPORTANT that I am making it one of the first lessons in my book.  LIFE IS A MIRROR we ONLY see in others what we ARE and what we would do.  How could we see anything else.  If we don't know what being possessive feels like and have never been possessive how are we supposed to see it in others?
But if we are a possessive person we may see our girlfriends man asking her to stay home instead of going out with us as him being possessive when really he just wants to hang with his girl because he has not seen her in 10 days due to work schedule conflicts.  We will start thinking in our head, he is SO possessive she needs to dump him and we may take it out on her when in reality he is the least possessive person you know.  Hopefully that makes sense!

The way I see it is - We see us in others whether they are like us or not.  So the guy could be very possessive and only you see it because your friend is not like that so she just thinks him being that way is sweet like he is doing it because he loves her. When in reality he is just wanting ownership over her so she picks him over friends and if a friend had not asked her to hang out he would have cared less what his girlfriend was doing that night. OR he could be what I said in the last paragraph and not be possessive at all.

Being a conscious "awakened" human being is a lot of work sometimes and I see it in myself and all my level one students when they come back for level two training. Actually looking at our behavior, taking responsibility for it, noticing what gets us ALL fired up is a VERY HUMBLING experience but I have found that KNOWING I AM NOT ONLY MY HUMAN... I live in my human and she was programmed before being born and programmed by the world around her for the first 7 years with NO FILTER what so ever usually makes me feel better when I start thinking GOSH MARISA PUT THAT STICK DOWN YOU ARE SUCH AN IDIOT!  Because I go there.... and then I stop myself and say "Wait a second! Why am I doing this? I am not a idiot, I was NERVOUS! It was a huge class and I still got up there, good for you MARISA." then I have compassion for the me that was SO nervous she could hardly speak and the anger at self goes away!

Suggestion for the day :  Treat YOU as a FOUR YEAR OLD. Talk to you as a 4 year old child.  Don't tell a 4 year old child they are FAT or UGLY or a LOSER or what ever you call yourself on a regular basis.....  CATCH your self and keep track of what you are telling you four year old self she or he is... YOU WILL BE AMAZED and how abusive we are to ourselves and if you are not CALLING yourself names you are calling OTHERS names and that is really how you are seeing YOU.... remember the Mirror!

If you can do this for a day or two you just might be able to see WHY your dream board, or manifestation box, or affirmations that others swear by (or what ever you use with Law of Attraction) is NOT working!  Law of Attraction only works when we are in line with our higher self.  I will rephrase that ... Law of Attraction only works in a way that is WORTH IT and the way it was meant to if we are in alignment with our Higher Self.  If we are being triggered emotioanlly constantly by others because we have SUTFF we need to work on with in us then staying aligned with our Higher Self is almost impossible.  It's either our Emotional Inner child and mental body or The Higher Self.  FREE YOURSELF FROM YOU!  Call YOURSELF (your Human) out on your own STUFF, have compassion for that YOUNGER PIECE of you that is stirring stuff up! Have compassion that he/she feels they have to be that way.

When you find a trigger,
stop take a deep breath,
say "I am my I am" and pull all of your attention into the center of your chest.  Continue to breath while you pull all of you into the center of your chest.
When you feel as if you are centered in your chest Say "ZERO" and that will connect you with the center of your being and YOUR Higher Self sphere in the center of your being.
Now visualize your self in the center of that higher self sphere and just breath as your Higher Self sphere grows and grows on it's own.
Allow it to expand out to at least 5 feet around you in all directions removing all blockages and negative energies.
Now say "I now ask my higher self to dissolve the root of why I am so upset about my friends boyfriend being possessive, thank you"
Then imagine a huge bolt of light from above (coming from Source) and imagine it  filling your body and bubble around you completely and when it is done,(it happens QUICK!) you are done!

This exercise will FREE you!! Sometimes slowly and sometimes INSTANTLY but you won't know unless you try and to try is simply to pay attention!

Good Luck and Happy ego hunting!!
Love always and FOREVER,


  1. Thank you so much!! Exactly the excercise I needed :) God Bless you for all your work!

  2. Thank you! I SO appreciate having learning at my finger tips. I'm on lunch at work and feel more balanced and ready to jump back into my projects after reading /doing this exercise. ❤️


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