Should I leave my job to find my purpose? Should I leave my spouse to find my soul mate?

Everyday I have at least one person ask me if they should leave a relationship to find their soul mate or twin flame and everyday I have someone ask if they should leave their job to get a new job that fits the "Purpose".... 

Here is the guides answer : 

Do not get PURPOSE confused with JOB and do not get FINDING YOURSELF confused with finding the PERFECT MATE.  

If you find that you are itching to DO MORE, it's likely that you are in the right job but there are people that can be ministered to, seeds planeted, your passion for spirit and self discovery shared with a client,  or customer, or co worker!  If you find yourself thinking that your spouse or significant other is LACKING a list of qualities ask yourself first where you are lacking those qualities for self.  Example : They don't pay enough attention to me.  
Ask yourself : Do you pay enough attention to you or are they treating you the way you have trained them to treat you??

Remember we train our friends and family and coworkers to treat us a certain way..... when we change we get upset with them for not treating us with "respect" or what ever our new spiritual practice has taught us to ask for in others but the ROOT OF IT ALL is ARE WE OUR OWN SOUL MATE?  Are we living our purpose where ever we are .... whether I am working at 7-11 or as a Loan Officer or as a full time healer I am going to BE the SAME person...I am going to be excited to tell others about this piece of us inside that is LIGHT... and that piece is our GPS... and it can be talked to and we can communicate with it and allow it to guide us through the dark.... that LIGHT IS GOD!!  I don't care what my JOB is or who I'm married to.... that in addition to loving myself, being happy, enjoying life and laughing at my human-ness, being the best mom I can be, the best wife and child and friend I can be my purpose is to SHARE THE LIGHT of God with others whether it be through words or my actions that is my purpose.... what is yours??  How can you see that your spirit  is already living out what you "should" be doing?  How can you see thatvyou may be looking for a spouse or Career to prove to you that you are YOUR PURPOSE!!  YOU ARE YOUR SOUL MATE!!  YOUR Perfect JOB was being born into this incarnation to bring with you into this dense physical reality messages from the other side!!!  Sit now and just for 2 minutes appreciate the life you have been given and love the fact that you are given 24 hours each day to work out the kinks, make mistakes, and continue to learn to be HAPPY.... because when it all comes down to it... THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS!!!  Being happy and ENJOYING THIS GAME we as God have designed, created characters for and have worked so diligently as masking our perception so that we would forget that it's all a game and we made it all up and have ourselves amnesia so we could enjoy it in a way that someone who plays a round of golf enjoys a good challenge. Like the guides said to my dad when we were channeling.... "the designer of a golf course does not put sand traps in the course because they are punishing the golfer they do it to challenge them because if it was easy no one would play the game more than once or twice". 

Have an amazing day living your purpose! 




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